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Natural Effective Acne Solution
Natural acne care to clear acne and refine pores.
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Activated Charcoal Masque
Boo-Boo Gel EX

This superhero gel makes all other gels jealous. Great for acne, cuts,  bruises, burns,  mosquito bites... the list goes one..and its fast too. Its one of our best sellers and hard to keep in stock . The wait is over! Boo Boo Gel EX stands above the rest for banishing acne and quick healing. Loaded with Essential Oils with healing properties.
This potent treatment effectively purifies and tightens pores, bringing
detoxification to the skin with delightful ease and power.   We
have packed this powdered mask with all of the most important
ingredients to support healthy, clear, glowing skin.
Moisture Treatment for Acne/Sensitive Skin,  Do not put harsh chemical on your face when you can moisturize and kill bacteria while actually nourishing your skin. Clear Confession,  Do not put harsh chemical on your face when you can moisturize and kill bacteria while actually nourishing your skin.
Gently removes dirt and excess oil while fighting acne breakouts, leaving skin soft, smooth, and comfortable. Ideal for normal, oily, and acne-prone skin, minimizing the appearance and severity of blemishes. Eliminate acne causing bacteria without harsh chemicals.
Product Re-Named. Now Called Clear Confession. Please Go to Clear Confession product page to order.
This must-have secret weapon lets you look like you have an impeccable complexion, around the clock, while helping to prevent breakouts. A fast-acting daily acne treatment/moisturizer that quickly clears breakouts and restores skin’s health to keep it clear and blemish free.
Regenerative Deep Cleansing Oil Oil Defense Toner PURE 100% Organic South Pacific Miracle Oil,  The Ultimate In Skin Cell Rejuvenation!
Combining the kindest natural cleansing oils to detoxify and clarify your pores of any blockage and impurities, while gently lifting makeup, dirt and bacteria away effectively.
Targeted for oil prone skin, our oil-free solution helps to clear acne and refine pores,  as it sweeps away excess oil and decongests clogged pores. Tamanu, as it is known by native Tahitians, is a “sacred oil”  used for centuries to naturally treat skin irritations and promote wound healing and regeneration of new skin.  Tamanu oil also possesses natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and has demonstrated efficacy against various human and animal pathogens.