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Clear Confession, Natural & Organic
Clear Confession, Natural & Organic


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SECRET WEAPON: Painted Earths Clear Confession, Is Natural & Organic. This is the ultimate daily moisturizer for acne and sensitive skin Start your day with a fresh glow and only you need to know that you are also fighting acne at the same time. This all natural creamy formula with a fresh lemon scent that won't dry out your face but will make your face a fighting machine for acne. Made with a blend of skin conditioners and active ingredients your face is left feeling healthy and soft and with the lightening power of fresh lemons and licorice not only will it get rid of existing acne but the discoloration left behind from last weeks acne disappears too!

A fast-acting daily acne treatment/moisturizer that quickly clears breakouts and restores skins health to keep it clear and blemish free.

It does not contain any harsh ingredients such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which are found in similar type products. Turmeric reduces inflammation, gotu kola stimulates cell renewal, licorice lightens discoloration, and sage, goldenseal, propolis, sandalwood, and melissa all kill bacteria while soothing the skin and renewing damaged or irritated tissue.
You want results, Painted Earth gives you results. NO MORE HARSH CHEMICALS
2 0z/ 60ml

What Our customers are saying

Dear Joanne,

I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you. Thank you for creating such honest products that actually do make a difference.

Ive been battling hormonal adult acne for the past year and a half, its completely destroyed me where I havent even seen most of my friends in this time frame, I hardly ever go outside to see the sun, going to to the grocery store is painful for me.... Ive been in this horrible place for a while. I do what I can to feel better, doing yoga and exercise, but I just wanted me skin to be back to normal.

Ive literally spent thousands and thousands of dollars in this past year and a half, on medications and products, with no luck... I literally just sent back two packages to two different companies yesterday because their products just didnt help me at all.

I ordered a sample of the boo boo gel EX and the clear confession cream, you guys were kind enough to include a regular boo gel sample and earth oil sample.

Ive been using them now for about three days as of today, and Im seriously confused, amazed, and relieved all at the same time. My face is improving and during my PERIOD when my skin should be at its worst. I am truly floored!

I cannot express how grateful I am to you and your dedication to these products youíve created, seriously I want to give you a huge hug and bake you a batch of cookies, just something! Thank you so, so very much for making these products, what you are doing for this industry is truly a miracle and I will be telling literally EVERYONE about this product. I am planning on making some videos once my acne is fully clear so I can share my journey, and I will DEFINITELY be including your products.

Thank you again, truly your company reflects the amazing, beautiful, kind-hearted person you most definitely are.

Filled with love,


From Painted Earth ~ Thank you again for your kind words. May I post what you wrote to me~
Vivians reply

Please feel free to share it. Maybe when I am strong enough I will share a before and after of my skin. But please just do not ever lose that integrity that you clearly have for your products. Youíve created things that seriously NO ONE has. Like the tumeric, Melissa oil, MSM AND colloidal silver? This is truly magic stuff right here people may not fully realize that because they donít know what those specific products do... but when I read the ingredient list I was like omg no way? This person KNOWS and they made it all in one product! HELL YES!

I am so excited to try your make up down the line too after my experience with the skincare products. But anyway, I am sorry Iím just going on and on haha! You are just, like an incredible individual. Really, thank you for having true heart and wanting to sincerely make a change in this industry that is saturated with a lot of not so great stuff, and a lot of it makes our skin WORSE and keeps us trapped in perpetual skin problem hell. Youíre an angel and I am forever dedicated to your line. I will tell anyone and everyone about you

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SECRET WEAPON: Painted Earths Clear Confession, Is Natural & Organic. This must-have secret weapon lets you look like you have an impeccable complexion, around the clock, while helping to prevent breakouts. A fast-acting daily acne treatment/moisturizer that quickly clears breakouts and restores skins health to keep it clear and blemish free. This natural Blemish banisher is bursting with scientifically proven anti-oxidants, amino acids, peptides and essential natural actives. You want results, Painted Earth gives you results. Do not buy other products from TV or stores with harsh chemicals that claim to clear up acne. They dry tender skin out, which causes their face to produce more oil Painted Earth believes in Beautiful Skin at every age. Nourish and take care of your skin and it will take care of you for many years.

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5 of 5 So far so good November 20, 2019
Reviewer: jennifer Cavanagh from London, ON Canada  
I have only been using this product for a week and I'm really loving it so far.

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5 of 5 Best Skin of my life September 11, 2019
Reviewer: Cynasure Ross from Pontiac, MI United States  
I am addicted and will not be without.  I have battled blemishes,  acne and hyperpigmentation since puberty AMD well into my adult life.  Proactiv and dr lin, both benzoyl peroxide based, have been the only things that could keep my acne to a low simmer, never eliminated fully.  I am excited to see that the clear confession and the boo boo gel and boo boo gel ex are effectively EFFECTIVELY eliminating and maintaining clear skin for me!! no chemicals! I started with ordering samples and being given extra samples of other products is how I come to use them both.  Thank you

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5 of 5 Great consistent product! September 11, 2019
Reviewer: Helen P from Atlanta , GA United States  
I've been using this moisturizer for 5+ years and wouldn't think of swapping it out. It is light but moisturizing...has a great clean smell and doesn't clog pores. It absorbs quickly and does not make you feel greasy like some moisturizers can. Highly recommend!

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5 of 5 Painted Earth Black Pearl face wash August 9, 2019
Reviewer: KH from IL United States  
Black Pearl face wash works wonders on my acne prone face! Since I have been using it my face has cleared up! Great product! I will purchase again!

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4 of 5 May 31, 2019
Reviewer: Aimee Hughes from Atlanta, GA United States  

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