Curing Blend of Essential Oil Mineral Photo Touch Foundation Powder Mineral Camouflage Concealer

Curing Blend of Essential Oil has been scientifically proven to kill deadly germs. Research from Weber State University in Utah has shown that it has a 99.96 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria.

Painted Earth Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation Creates a picture perfect finish with moderate coverage. Skin Optic Light Technology. Botanical Extracts makes skin look younger by softening lines and wrinkles

  • Cream to powder

  • Matte finish

  • Medium to full coverage

Painted Earth's camouflage concealer provides a natural effect on skin. It also hides discoloration, acne, eye puffiness, skin lines, wrinkles, fatigue and deep creases.

Painted Earth is intelligent skincare solutions that fill in the missing pieces of the skincare puzzle, by providing simple, affordable, results-driven products that support the skin's natural ability to heal itself.

"Painted Earth skin care made me a believer in quality products vs. cheap their skin care line!" - Breanne, Hackettstown, NJ.
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