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Boo-Boo Gel, The fixer Purifying and Detoxifying Collagen Crystal Mask Cold and Flu Bath Soak: Body Acne/Sensitive Face Wash
This superhero gel makes all other gels jealous. Great for acne, cuts,  bruises, burns,  mosquito bites... the list goes one..and its fast too. Its one of our best sellers and hard to keep in stock . All, oily or inflamed skin: Cleans, absorbs, and reduces pores. A rejuvenating and therapeutic bath salt. Great for when you are feeling under the weather or need a quick immune system boost. Eliminate acne causing bacteria without harsh chemicals. Gentle enough to support twice a day washing, and potent enough to garner results. 1.5% vitamin C
Painted Earth is intelligent skincare solutions that fill in the missing pieces of the skincare puzzle, by providing simple, affordable, results-driven products that support the skin's natural ability to heal itself.

"Painted Earth skin care made me a believer in quality products vs. cheap gimics...love their skin care line!" - Breanne, Hackettstown, NJ.
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